Getting SelectedValue from Wpf Combobox

Hi, i don’t know why this seemed not easy but here is how it goes

Your XAML for the WPF Combo

<ComboBox Name=”ddlApplication” DisplayMemberPath=”AppName” SelectedValuePath=”ID”  SelectedItem=”App” Margin=”92.709,56,220.46,0″ VerticalAlignment=”Top” Height=”22.96″ SelectionChanged=”ddlApplication_SelectionChanged” />

Then you can easily bind a IList<YourObject> like this

  ddlApplication.ItemsSource = list;

            if (ddlApplication.HasItems)


                ddlApplication.SelectedIndex = 0;


and getting the selected value is easy as

 YourObject obj =  (YourObject)ddlApplication.SelectedItem;

            this.Title = obj .ID.ToString();

Done!  happy xamiling 

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