Milk Offers and Notice Periods

Joel Spolsky talked in his recent post about exploding job offers (, where the recruiter says that you have to response to the offer with in fixed period of time, that was what happened to me exactly couple of month back, were the offer had expiration date of 4 days :)

Their execute is that they can fill the position with someone else, as soon as possible.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the notice period thingy that you found in most contracts, which says that before you decide to leave your job you should tell them 2 month prior.

Now there is two problems here first, if i come to the situation that i hate the job, my boss and everything about the company and rather to stay home jobless and not to wake up for the next day to go to work, i should feel that 2 month prior to it happening,

seconded, if i was hunting for a job and got an offer, which company will wait for me 2 months so i can join them, there is but very few.

last thing, what if I’m get laid off, would they give me even one month notice.

One thought on “Milk Offers and Notice Periods”

  1. Well.. sign your contract with a one month notice and compensate a few weeks with your holidays :)

    That 4 day stuff is more ment for freelancers and are used in both directions.

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