Pex: Unit Test Generation

I’ve never been excited about a research project as my feeling today toward Pex, Pex is a MSR project that will enable test-driven development for wider adoptability, it runs static analysis on your code and generate unit test to cover your codebase – the more yuou run Pex the more covarage you got – and it’s also suggest ways for you to protect your code..

for example if you have a parameterized function and the null value throw exception Pex thrwoing chunk of code that checks the parameter before use it. this is a simple scenario but you get the idea.

for how long test-driven development have been around it was very hard to convenice business and stakholders to adopte it inside development teams. with Pex ithink this won’t be that hard as the time consumed to write thousand of test cases will be reduced by tests that increase covarage generated by Pes (Parametrized tests – like in MbUnit).

check out the Pex Project and Blog also there is this screencast don’t miss this screencast pretty amazing stuff.

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