Salamander .NET Linker, Native Compiler and Mini-Deployment Tool

This was my idea!!!

I’m a C# guy (till now at least) and I thought if I can have the ability to convert my MSIL code to native machine code the idea is combining the power of native code and the productivity of C# and VB.NET so I googled maybe someone talked about this before..

and not only talked there’s already a tool do this whole converting to native code I don’t know if I was living in a cave (it’s hard keeping up with all the kicks, diggs, rss and all that thrown in to my browser every single day)

This tool – .NET Linker –  been there for a while and it’s basically conevet your IL code with all the referenced BCL classes to a native – very fast – code.

I don’t know how these guys do things like memory management I didn’t read much into it but I was thinking if Microsoft adopte the same idea into the of Visual Studio so we can compile to IL or Win32, sounds like great idea… maybe they hire the guy as well.

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7 thoughts on “Salamander .NET Linker, Native Compiler and Mini-Deployment Tool”

  1. Wel as i understant NGen is an image generator which genrerates a native image from your IL but you still need the .NET Framwork, and this is not the case with Salamander .NET Linker and Native Compiler which generates native code for all the classes you have used ( BCL ) and of course your core program.

  2. Yes any program can be cracked but what to crack?
    There’s no trial and noway to get the program even the locked version that needs a serial.
    There must be someone who really hates salamander to buy it, crack it and spread it :)

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