Surprise: Smooth installation of Visual Studio Service Pack 1 on Vista

All of you of course heared all the fuss about how hard, tricky and painfull the installation of Visual Studio SP1 is.

so as most of you guys i google the VSSP1 to find out how things gone for folks around the world and came with couple of usefull posts here and here.

The common advice which i found on almost every post/article talking about upgrading to SP1 is UNINSTALL the web project templates unless you want to spent half hour to see cute message telling you that you have to do before installation.

the surprise – thank god – was that i have a clean and smooth installation on Vista Build 6000 also installed the magic update of VS for Vista afterwards.

if you already have a beta of the SP1 installed on Vista here’s how you can get rid of it.

You can download the SP1 form here and the VS update for Vista from here.


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