Should i use WCF (HTTP-binding) or stick with WS ?

I came to point that i should use a web service for the current project i’m developing and since i like to play with new technologies so i figured why not implement the web service using Windows Communication Foundation insted of “Old” ASMX.

So to be realistic i did a little home work before i decided anything (it’s not my call entirely anyway as i have to convince my colleagues) also to have a full view you should know that i will use basic HTTP with SOPA.

the result was STICK WITH WS FOR NOW.

here’s why:

– First the WCF need .NET 3.0 which will be another componant to install in the other hand ASMX will work just fine also Windows Vista is the only OS with .NET Framework 3.0 pre-installed.

– I will use basic HTTP with SOAP so i will not benfit from the most powerfull WCF features.

– the migration from WS to WCF is very easy so if in future i decied to implement some addition WS-* for example WS-Security which will be way easy on WCF or if i decided to boost the performance using TCP will be an easy job.

– At last will state again the back-compatapility as i don’t know if Microsoft will push the .NET 3.0 back to Windows XP via Windows Update or maybe SP3 so why no stick with the poular when the change any time is peace of cake.

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3 thoughts on “Should i use WCF (HTTP-binding) or stick with WS ?”

  1. – If you’re building a (web)service, you don’t have to deploy it on every machine available, just the server. On the clients you could add a “web service reference” to your WCF basicHttpBinding.
    – In the future, other apps could connect to another WCF endpoint, like wsHttpBinding or nettcpbinding.
    – It is, but that doesn’t count 😉
    – No idea yet if they’re going to push it as critical update. In other words, if every user will download it. But is that neccesary? Are you going to roll out your app to the world? Or just internal at some company?


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